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Nevada Businesses Have Special Networking Needs

You may have a remote office location in a rural area yet require the highest Internet speeds available.

You might have multiple office locations and need to connect them all together on your own private network.

You may be tied to a costly landline phone service and wish you could call your branch offices and long distance associates over the internet

Whatever your unique business networking requirements may be, we have the technology and expertise to help you solve them.


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Technical Services

The Technical Services Team is responsible for connecting our customers to the Internet and keeping them connected.  Whether it is connecting your office to our network or building a custom tower site for you, our Technical Services team is responsible.

Customer Support

The customer Support Team is on call during business hours and reachable 24/7 in emergencies.  They coordinate the efforts of the company to resolve your issues as expediently as possible.

Customer Service

The Customer Service Team handles your account. They work with you to make sure your service plan is up-to-date and help you with account details.


The Engineering Team has decades of expertise designing, planning and deploying complex networks.  They know the hardware, the network programming and the techniques to cost effectively provide you with what you need.

What We Do


We Do what it Takes


Internet Connectivity

We connect businesses to the Internet. We can get you connected over wireless or, in some regions, directly to our fiber-optic cables.

Network Planning

We can help you develop detailed plans for deploying your business network whether it is for one office or many offices, whether you need Internet phone services or wireless hotspots.

Network Deployment

We can develop and deploy a private network that connects all of your offices or set up your wireless hot-spots and make sure they connect back to the Internet.

Site Development

If you need your own tower site that is connected to our network, we can do it.  Our team has many years of experience building complex networking sites using all of the available technologies like solar power, licensed microwave radios and wind generation.

Our Relationships

If we don't do it, we know who does.   We have developed relationships with other great Nevada businesses that offer complementary services such as Internet Telephony or Data Center Management.  We can bring these trusted providers to your business.

What We Have


We Have the Finest Network Available


Fiber-optic Backbone

We have multiple ultra fast fiber-optic connections into the internet.  These connections are hosted by the most trusted names on the Internet.  Having several connections makes our network resistant to the failure of any one of our providers.

Over 60 Points of Presence

Our wireless towers and other points of presence are widely distributed across the region and we are adding new ones all the time.

Well Engineered Network

Our network uses the same high speed and reliable programming as the biggest names in the cellular industry.  This provides you with the highest possible speed, reliability, security, and quality of service.

Fiber-optic Connectivity

In addition to wireless connectivity, we offer direction to our network over fiber-optic cables in some areas.


We have been in business in Nevada for over 10 years.  We have a growing, vital and well managed company that will be here for you in the future.










About Preferred Networks

Perferred Networks was started in 2004 to provide much needed internet to rural Nevadans. We now operate over 60 towers and other points of presence throughout North-western Nevada and have rapidly grown to be the largest Wireless Internet Service Provider in the region.

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775-847-4000 ; Reno, VC, Dayton & Carson City
775-463-1500 ; Mason Valley
775-465-1400 ; Smith Valley
775-267-1500 ; Carson Valley
Sales: Press Extension Option 1
Support:  Press Extension Option 2
eMail:  [email protected]